Understanding the information journey.

Understanding the information journey by bridging the Gap between business processes and technology is a vital component of any business in the future. Treat the cause NOT the symptom.

The first objective we must have is to understand the “information journey” and then work backwards on how, why and where we can utilise technology to gain the business efficiencies needed. This process will identify gaps, opportunities, weakness and risks as well as help provide a strategy for implementing technology in the future ie: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION!

We live in a world that “Treats the Symptom”. In business this mentality thrives, we are really good at treating the symptom. BUT the common scenario with this is symptoms return as soon as we back treatment off. In business the treatment for symptoms is often “MORE” of something. More staff, more money, more hours, more expectations. The “MORE” methodology doesn’t improve your business performance rather its compensating for the lack of performance.

Understanding Information = document and data

For Example: When we want to increase the capability to process sales orders, (see relevant case study here https://www.cypheriq.com.au/sweetmans-timber/) the first reaction is to want to increase the labour resources, rather than understanding what information journey a sales order takes and where can we limit time and resources by improving the process. We often talk to our customers about understanding the entire lifecycle of information – the “information journey” (keep in mind information = document and data).
This is a really important step as more than often the person making the decision about staff or other financial investments doesn’t know “the process” quite as well as they probably should. If we take a step back and understand the “information journey” this could save a business tens of thousands of dollars on the infrastructure required to improve business efficiency.

Identify your measurement and outcomes

The other important benefit is this will provide potential granularity of a measurement and outcome to achieve. This measurement can be a multitude of things. Time Savings, Money Savings, Increased Revenue Potential, Quality, Customer Outcomes, Compliance etc etc……. But by having a measurement / a tangible goal to leverage, will help the business understand what they should invest in, what they should immediately focus on and how they will achieve improved business efficiency.

Take a step back and understand the process

So the crux of this message is….. We all have processes in our businesses that need attention. Rather simply doing the status quo by treating the symptom. Take a step back. Understand the process. Use technology to help you overcome these challenges by addressing the cause. There has never been a better time to jump these hurdles by digitising and automating your processes!