Office Automation Products

Our products provide you with unlimited capability.

Automating your business processes is a fantastic opportunity for every business to reduce costs, save time and improve services to both employees and customers.

Our amazing technology enables you to build out your automation capabilities using a single platform. Locally developed and support our team can assist you with every step.

Accounts Payable Hyper Automation.

Hyper Automation helps your AP team auto recognize data, match against Purchase Orders, Auto code based upon pre-defined supplier settings and also will route the invoice / reimbursement or other type of payment to the correct individual for payment acceptance.

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Workflow Automation Platform

End to end document automation, enables complete control and visibility over all tasks. With endless possibilities we can automate any workflow in your business.

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Digital Transformation Discovery.

Our job is to digitise business processes and make your business more productive. Engage us to help you on your discovery and strategy journey and ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM).

A powerful tool to manage, control and audit contacts, employees and assets within your business. Automated reminders, calendar creation, and automated task management.

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Intelligent Document Processing.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and process any paper or digital document.

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Digital Forms - Public, Mobile, Web.

Our cutting edge Form Builder Tool is designed to make creating, managing and sharing forms easier than ever before. Our intuitive platform allows complete flexibility in Form Creation. Our Drag and Drop Editor means we can make your Forms FAST as well as being flexible to create whatever you need. With the Cypher IQ Digital Forms Platform you can securely and easily share forms with customers, colleagues and more.

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