HSEQ Workflow Automation

Site Safety IQ

Our experienced local team can provide you the Ultimate Site Safety/WHS solution for your business. Site Safety IQ a simple to use platform for all your users and management team to process their safety records. Designed for any business that have or require the following; Contract work, Minimise risk, Mobile workforce, Requires instant reporting, Manage asset + employee’s, Maintain compliance.

Your HSEC Manager will love the visibility and reporting. Your Supervisors will love the instant access to information and your Staff will love the ease of use.

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Core Modules

Action Management

The Action Management module is a proactive approach to safety.

  • Manage Escalations
  • Set Tasks
  • Set Reminders
  • Manage Outcomes

Incident Management

Manage investigations into who, what, when, where, how and why? Reduce risk and create links to actions for staff to complete. Includes ICAM investigations.

Risk & Hazard Management

Build a risk profile. Create staff communications and notifications. Covers Tool Box, Take 5, Hazards & Risk.

Policy Document Control

  • Upload your documents for your staff and contractors to access on any web enabled device.
  • Set notifications for expiry as well as manage versions and additions.

Employee & Contractor Management

  • Manage all records, inductions, licenses, certificates and training for all employees and contractors.
  • Set expiry reminders, highlight upcoming events, store documentation as well as key personnel information. All employee actions and communications are audited.

IQ Analytics

  • Comprehensive management dashboard for all your safety information.
  • Use a standard dashboard.
  • Customise a dashboard or export data to your very own Power BI.

Asset/Chemical & Equipment Register

  • Manage, track all equipment and assets. Set reminders for upcoming events.
  • Tailor Asset types and record all inspections and documentation used for that Asset. Including inspections.

Inspection Forms

  • Tailored forms enable you to manage inspections quickly and easily on any web enabled devices. Link to risk and action plan workflows. Save all information against the Asset Register.

Workflow Automation Customer Quotes


Do I have to use paper WHS forms or Excel reporting spreadsheets?

No you don’t. ideally when you create a digitised WHS process we want the forms and workflow to auto create the data so you can extract at any given time. Sometimes you may have to use paper based facilities on site (for example mine sites). We can show you how to scan these into Cypher IQ Digital Operations Platform and create data from the handwritten paper based processes!

Can Cypher IQ Digital manage information that employees and contractors have completed?

Employees, Contractors, Sales Prospects, Assets etc etc…… can all be managed via the Cypher IQ Digital Operations Platform.

Is the Cypher IQ Digital Operations Platform accessible on mobile devices?

The Cypher IQ Digital Operations Platform is available on any Web Enabled Device

How much does Cypher IQ Digital operations platform cost?

The Cypher IQ Digital Operations Platform has an enormous amount of flexibility to suit any business type. We will first ask you about what problems you are trying to solve. This provides us with a direct understanding of the results you are looking for. Our licencing is workflow based which means there is no reason to exclude any staff or public users. From our experience customers can expect to get a ROI within 3 to 6 months.

How long does it take to implement a solution?

Depends on the complexity of the solution and your requirements for training. We have had customised solutions released within a matter of days. The Cypher IQ Digital Platform is very flexible to configure and implement.

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