Accounts Payable Hyper Automation.

Reduce manual processes and gain compliance monitoring, workflows, invoice approval limits, fraud control and supplier management.

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Hyper Automation of your accounts payable process are a breeze!
  • Unlimited Workflow Capability
  • Artificial Intelligence Document Capture
  • Manage all Workflows

Accounts Payable Hyper Automation.

Cypher IQ Digital online Accounts Payable Hyper Automation is an advanced form of automation that streamlines the accounts payable process and helps reduce manual labour and costs associated with manual data entry. It uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and workflow automation to automate administrative tasks such as Invoice Processing, Approval Management and Dispute Resolution.

The Cypher IQ Digital Accounts Payable Hyper Automation platform will help your organisation to improve your accounts payable operations, reduce costs and increase accuracy by eliminating manual data entry and automating critical tasks. Additionally it will help reduce the time it takes to process payments, improve vendor relationships and provide greater visibility into the accounts payable process.

Increase flexibility for your Accounts Payable Process.

Approve invoices on the go. Email or SMS alerts will notify your approvers so they don’t miss an invoice.

Smart matching: Enables matched Invoices, Purchase Orders and Delivery Receipts.

Verification: View, control and verify tasks for all your businesses spending needs.

Integrated Supplier Management: Ensure the correct suppliers are used. Update or create contact details and manage insurance and banking details.

Accounts Payable Hyper Automation:

  • Auto coding and Verification
  • Duplicate Invoice Check
  • Auto rules based Approvals
  • Auto Split Transactions
  • 3 Way Matching
  • Flexibility to configure
Hyper Automation approach provides a connected and powerful automation platform.

Accounts Payable Automation:

  • AI Based Document recognition
  • RPA: Robotic Process Automation
  • API Integrations
  • Customisation Available
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