Amazing Workflow Automation for Mining Services Businesses.


  • Finance Workflow Automation
  • Job/Docket Workflow Automation
  • HR Workflow Automation
  • WHS Automation
  • Training and Induction Workflow Automation

Digitise and Automate all your Mining Services Businesses.

Reduce paper, improve compliance, save money with digital workflow automation. We help you convert your paper processes into simple, easy to use digital processes that are all accessed in one place.

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Why choose Cypher IQ Digital.

Provides you with:

  • Integrate your Finance Department
  • Docket management, rostering and invoicing
  • Track, notify and communicate with contractors and visitors to your sites
  • Manage all licences, certifications and training
  • All your HR needs in a single application and automated

“The Cypher IQ system has enabled MSI to register ISO level accreditation as well as demonstrate to our staff that we have a high regard for their safety.”

- Mathew McBean – HSEC Manager, Mainstream Industries

Cypher IQ Digital’s benefits checklist.

  • Real time data processing
  • Work from anywhere
  • Instant WHS notifications and management alerts
  • Onsite or remote support
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Customisable

Workflow Automation Customer Quotes

Common Mining Services Integrations.


We are not permitted to utilse mobile phones on mine sites. How can Cypher IQ Digital help us manage our Hazard and Take Five forms?

Cypher IQ Digital Worflow Automation Platform has many incredible technology attributes. One of our leading products is Capture AI. This is an artificial intelligence based document scanning technology. You can scan or take a photo and email handwritten documents like your Hazard and Take Five forms and our incredible technology can capture, recognise the data and help you manage the reporting of these document types.

Can staff access rosters and timesheets?

All staff can view what jobs they have been assigned to. Staff can also be alerted for new jobs created. Once jobs are completed employees can access their timesheet data so they have a clear record of hours worked.

We need to batch invoice all jobs under 1 Purchase Order. How can this be managed in the Cypher IQ Digital Job Docket Process?

Our invoice integration has the ability for you to merge invoices manually into a single invoice OR we can do this automatically by Purchase Order to work order number. Both ways enable you to make sure you are quoting the correct detail so you can get paid by your customer as soon as possible.

Can we manage other administration functions like Purchase Order Requests and Accounts Payable processes?

The Cypher IQ Digital system has an inbuilt Purchase Order system which enables your staff to complete and assign purchases to jobs anywhere. The system has a workflow approval process where we can set rules on purchase amounts or jobs for each individual and enforce a hierarchy of approval before the Purchase Order is sent to a supplier. Our Accounts Payable Automation Solution utilises our Artificial Intelligence Document Capture technology which recognises the invoice when scanned, can match against a Purchase Order and send to the appropriate user for approval when needed. You can then batch import the approved data to your Finance system.

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