End to End Accounts Payable Workflow Automation.

Accounts Payable IQ

Our experienced local team can provide the ultimate Accounts Payable Automation solution for your business, in one easy to use Platform. We create a simple to use system for all users and all Accounts Payable business processes. Accounts Payable IQ is a smart workflow automation that is built around your business needs. We are experts in understanding Finance Workflow Automation. Your CFO will love the Visibility and Accountability control, your AP Team will love the Automation and your Staff will love the ease of use.

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Core Modules

Accounts Payable Hyperautomation

  • – Intelligent Invoice Processing.
  • – Workflow Automation.
  • – Customisable Approval Workflows.
  • – Smart Matching & Coding.
  • – AI-powered Document Scanning.
  • – Three-way matching to Purchase.
  • – Delivery & Receipt.

Purchase Orders

  • – PO Creation from any device.
  • – Approval Workflows.
  • – Choose from your supplier items.
  • – Send to Supplier.
  • – 3 Way Matching.
  • – PO ingestion form Finance Application.
  • – Custom Prefix.
  • – Restrict Visibility. 

Employee Expenses

  • – Mobile Expenses, Travel & Kilometre Claims.
  • – Auto Manages GST Splitting.
  • – Approval Workflows.

Company Credit Card Management

  • – Mobile Document & Expense Capture.
  • – Auto GST Splitting.
  • – Approval Workflows.

Debtor Invoice Workflows & Online Payment

  • – Manage all Debtor Invoice Processes.
  • – Integrate with Square Online Payment Processing.
  • – Public Accessible Forms.
  • – Internal Workflow Management.

IQ Analytics

  • – Standard.
  • – Custom Reporting.
  • – Use your own Power BI.

Custom Configurations

Any Finance process can be implemented using the Cypher IQ Digital Forms, Workflows Platform.

Aged Payables Approvals

  • Digitise your Final Payment Approval

Upload Documents

  • – Unique Email Address.
  • – File Upload.
  • – Forward Existing Emails.

New Creditor Application

  • – Send to Supplier.
  • – Sync Contact & Banking Data.
  • – Approval Process with Audit.

Approval Workflows

  • – Multi Tiered Approvals.
  • – Complete Flexibility to match your Delegation Rules.
  • – Automatic Reminders.
  • – Reporting on Individual Approval Times.
  • – Audit Trail.
  • – Flag Duplicates.
  • – Customised Views.


  • – SMS & Email Notifications.
  • – Quick Link Approval.
  • – Communication History.
  • – Automatic Notifications.

Workflow Automation Customer Quotes

Seamlessly integrate your dockets to your Finance system


Can Cypher IQ Digital be configured to match our delegation and spending limits?

Cypher IQ Digital Platform can be configured to match any delegation process required. Whether you manage your departments and user authority by spending limits, job numbers or cost centre codes / account codes or even a combination of both we can configure the process to suit your exact delegation rules.

Can each staff member only access forms and workflows that they need to access?

You have complete control in allowing users to access workflow tasks at the time when you need them involved. Notifications to forms can be added to email, HTML email or SMS to help alert users to their need to approve allocated workflow tasks.

Can we customise the integration of data into our Finance System?

Data integration can be complicated. We have a set of standard integrations into finance systems like MYOB, MYOB Exo, Xero, WIISE, Microsoft Business Central, Microsoft Great Plains and Netsuite. If the Finance application has the capability to integrate data via API then Cypher has the capability to integrate the required data.

What is the cost of a complete Finance Department Solution?

The Finance Department Solution comes with a set of workflows such as Purchase Orders, Creditor Invoice, Credit Card Management, Employee reimbursements, and New Supplier applications. The licencing differs based upon volume of transactions and the number of users that access the platform. We have customers who spend as little as $4 per user to $25 per user.

How long does it take to implement a solution?

Depends on the complexity of the solution and your requirements for training. We have had customised solutions released within a matter of days. The Cypher IQ Digital Platform is very flexible to configure and implement.

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