Business Process Automation. Any document or business process digitised and automated just the way you need it.

Customised Business Process Automation Solution.

The Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Automation Platform can digitise and automate any document or business process. Every business has unique business processes. We have many solutions that are “Out of the Box”. If you don’t see your businesses requirements on either one of our Solutions or Industry pages, NO PROBLEMS. Talk to us about how we can quickly implement a solution for your specific needs.

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  • Fast ROI
  • Simple scalable licencing
  • Configured for your business needs
  • Supported by our LOCAL team

Customised Workflow Automation Solution.

Customised workflow automation is a requirement for most businesses. With the Cypher IQ Digital Workflow Automation Solution we can totally customise the configuration to suit your exact needs. The Platform was created to enable businesses the flexibility to get the most out of the software for their specific needs.

Our team has the expertise and experience to help you transform your business process.

The results are truly amazing!

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Customised Workflow Automation Solution.

Provides you with:

  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • CRM
  • API Integration
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Document Capture
  • Payment Gateway
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • 100% Locally Owned, Developed + Supported

“They completely tailored a solution to meet our requirements.”

- Luke Crump – General Manager, Sweetman's Timber

Business Process Automation

Digitised and automated processes have never been so easy.

  • Mobile access
  • Remote work is easy
  • Anywhere approvals
  • 100% Audit trail trackable
  • Full integrations
  • Customisation available

Workflow Automation Customer Quotes


What’s the benefit of “Low Code No Code” software ?

Low Code No Code software describes the ability for an application to be configured rather than developed. It also suggests that you can configure complex processes without the need to develop software. Its fast, efficient and flexible to change workflows to suit changing business needs.

How do we go about digitising our processes ?

This doesn’t need to be a difficult process. Our Engagement team will sit with you and understand your business needs. Its always great to start with …..”What problems are you trying to solve?” We know the technology, the process and whats required. We just need to know what you want to achieve.

Can we get custom integrations development ?

Integrating data into an application will enhance workflow automation capability. You will gain huge benefits from doing this. Cypher IQ has a set of Applications that we have “out of the box” integration capability. We can also build  integrations to suit your needs.

How secure is our data ?

Cypher IQ Operations Platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Network. The Platform can link to Microsoft Active Directory to provide SSO, or you can employ our out of the box 2FA capability.

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