Overview of Workflow Automation.

We live and breath Workflow Automation and understand the enormous benefits you can gain for your business.

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Cameron Lawes, Director at Cypher IQ Digital Cameron Lawes
Director and Founder of Cypher IQ Digital
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Who we are.

Based out of Newcastle NSW Australia, Cypher IQ Digital was developed to cater for the digitisation of business processes.

“We saw too often how businesses implemented App’s that didn’t do what they needed to do, often these systems were really hard for most people to use or the support was terrible” says Cameron Lawes, Director and Founder of Cypher IQ Digital.

There is definitely a gap in the market for SMB’s to get the best bang for their buck by providing a high value service to digitise their processes.

Digitisation will help businesses scale, reduce risk and provide extremely quick ROI. We can cater for any business process. Offer the ability to scale the application to meet multiple business requirements PLUS provide the necessary skills to ensure the customer gets the most out of their digitisation experience.

If your looking for a PARTNER to help your digitisation process, look no further.

Scalable, innovative with proven results.

How it Works

The Cypher IQ Digital team are experts in digitising and automating business processes. We will listen, advise and support your business to reach your objectives.

• Define your needs/wants

• Plan, implement, roll out

• Support and continual improvement

Case Studies

Easy to Scale

The Cypher IQ Digital operation platform is an award winning software designed to bend to your businesses needs.

We take the “Platform” approach which means unlimited scalability throughout your entire business. Start with 1 process or 1 department and then across your entire business.

Out of the Box workflow automation solutions

One of our most incredible attributes is being able to provide customers out of the box solutions for complex business processes.

Finance, HR, WHS, Job Management and Recruitment solutions can be implemented FAST at extremely cost effective rates.

Integrated Data

Integrating and reporting on “DATA” are integral to your automation and digital transformation.

Lucky for you we have a list of integrations, alternatively we can customise the platform to work for your specific needs.

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Digitising and automating your business processes is a matter of WHEN not IF.

Cypher IQ Digital provide you with a complete end to end software platform solution; As well as a complete end to end management team that will help you identify, rationalise, plan and understand the specific benefits for your business. From saving time and money to mitigating risk and ensuring compliance the opportunities are endless.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance of data is essential for all businesses. Cypher IQ Digital comes with out of the box TFA as well as the ability to integrate to modern OAUTH methods.

Hey! Did we mention we are LOCAL.

Local team, local support, locally hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform

Our workflow automation has all the capabilities for you to:

  • Minimise applications
  • Eliminate duplication
  • Automate processes
  • Scale to your exact needs
  • 1 system for your entire team
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