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Automate and digitise any of your document processes

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Any Business Process, Any Document Process can be digitised and automated with Cypher IQ Workflow Automation Platform.

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Amazing results, incredible technology

96% Reduction in manual work
100% Paper Free business processes
3-5 Times ROI payback within 3-6 months
100% Locally developed and supported

Business Process Automation Designed just the way you need it.

The Cypher IQ Workflow Automation platform is a "Low Code No Code" Digital Workflow Automation Software. Our Team can show you how to Automate and Digitise ANY of your Business Processes and Document Workflows. Completely scalable to suit any sized business, The Cypher IQ Workflow Automation Platform is 100% cloud based and 100% configured to suit your individual business needs.

If you're tired of;

  • Manual, slow, paper based workflows
  • Keying data into finance systems and reporting spreadsheets
  • Would like a better customer and employee experience
  • Want to keep tech simple

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Workflow Automation By Industry

We specialise in Automating and Digitising your Document and Business Processes. We have had great success in a broad range of Industries. Click through to find out more OR if you can't see your Industry here let us know and we will discuss your request.

Workflow Automation Integrations

Business Processes automated with data integration into your Business Application can be achieved with Cypher IQ Workflow Automation Platform.

We have a Integrations into the below Applications. Our API can be customised to configure into any business application. If you can't see your application below then let us know!

Why Cypher IQ Digital?

The Cypher IQ Workflow Platform is a completely customisable platform tailored just for you. The Platform is completely scalable. First start with a departmental process, OR scale and use the platform to digitise and automate ALL your business processes.


Designed to deliver exactly what you need. Cypher IQ Digital Platform is a multi disciplinary software that allows you to simplify and scale your operations to be digitised and automated.


Digitisation will move your business from being "Document" centric to "Data" centric. Our one touch reporting tools enable you to access information on any web enabled device.


Get the most out of your data by integrating ALL your businesses operations into your existing business applications.

Proprietary Software

Built for SMR to Enterprise businesses. Our secure SaaS platform has the greatest flexibility to suit your business needs.

Dedicated Support

There's nothing worse than not being able to get fast effective assistance. Our team is local. Ready to help when you need it. Australian Owned, Developed and Supported.

Quick and Easy

Good software makes the complicated look EASY! Our team of Operation Automation Experts will guide you on a quickly setting up your platform as well as providing EASY scalable road maps for future projects

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