Case Study: Mainstream Industies

Online Safety Portal sets Mining Services Company apart from the competition

Client: Mainstream IndustiesIndustry: Mining Services

About Mainstream Industies

Mainstream Industries is a Singleton based Industrial Cleaning Services business, specialising in providing Industrial Cleaning Services with a major focus on the Mining, Energy and Local Government Industries.  Established in 1993 Mainstream Industries has progressed from a small supplier of Industrial Cleaning Services, predominantly High Pressure Water blasting, to becoming a predominant contractor and supplier to all major mining companies in the Hunter Valley and beyond.

Services such as:

  • High Water Blasting
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Industrial Vacuum Loading and Manual Cleaning
  • Hydro Digging and Non Destructive Service Location
  • CCTV Drain and pipe inspection and Potholing services. 

As well as the cleaning of:

  • Draglines
  • Shovels
  • Drills
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Trucks

With a heavy physical work requirement, it is imperative that Mainstream Industries has the most stringent safety programs available for its employees. Safety, Quality Assurance, Training and it’s commitment to continuous improvement and development makes Mainstream Industries Pty Ltd an employer of choice in the Hunter Valley. Mainstream Industries has also experienced recent accomplishments such as ISO accreditation for ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 45001 (Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environment) as well as Mainstream Industries being finalists of the NSW Safety Awards and the Hunter Valley Safety Awards. 

“The Cypher IQ Digital system has enabled Mainstream Industries (MSI) to register ISO level accreditation as well as demonstrate to our staff that we have a high regard for their safety. Our customers also understand that safety is our First Priority when on their sites.”

Mathew McBean – HSEC Manager

The Challenge.

It was not so much that our processes were poor. In 2017 we had won the Hunter Safety Awards for our Safety Management System. We were ISO accredited and had an extremely strong focus on safety, quality and training. We had well documented processes, paper-based forms for everything, and a structured network to manage access to information as well as version control. However, there was so much duplication of tasks by our staff, paper everywhere, access to our policy and procedures for our workers outside the office was all paper based and cumbersome, rostering was a headache, invoicing took days, plus reporting details / data to our customers was a time consuming and laborious task to perform. We knew there were better ways but did not really know where to start.

While Mainstream Industries was originally looking for assistance with Digitising their WHS processes, management, and reporting, it was an introduction to Cypher IQ Digital that sparked a holistic view of business automation and digital workflow opportunities. “Job Management, Recruiting, Onboarding and Compliance are extremely time intensive tasks for business. Especially a business like Mainstream Industries that prides itself on Safety and Quality. We are a growing business. This meant more and more time was being spent on managing these systems. We knew in order to grow, maintain our quality and also our ISO accreditation we needed to implement a system that could bring the whole puzzle together” explained Matthew. 

The Solution.

“Cypher IQ Digital took the time to understand our business needs”, said Matthew. They weren’t trying to simply sell licences and move on. They made us realise that looking at the complete picture would provide incredible business benefits.” Although MSI took the process one step at a time. By partnering with Cypher IQ Digital they were able to implement an incredible solution across many processes in their business. 

  • Staff communication system by SMS and email 
  • Employee portal to view rosters, jobs and access WHS forms (incident, safety observations, cleaning, performance appraisals, hazards)
  • Management view and alerts for workflow requirements 
  • Customised approval processes for all our WHS and Docket processes
  • Customer portal to access live data and information
  • Invoicing
  • Web based and automated recruitment.
  • Web based and automated on-boarding of employees

“The great thing about Cypher IQ Digital is that they were able to sit with us and help with rolling the solution out among our field workers and admin team” Matthew McBean – HSEC Manger

The Result.

“The Cypher IQ Digital platform has enabled us to achieve a higher level of quality, care and provide better resources to our field workers, admin staff and also our customers” said Matthew. The system has greatly reduced the amount of time we spend on intensive compliance requirements to work with the industries we work with.

We recently gained reaccreditation for our ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. The Cypher IQ Digital platform enabled us to show complete governance over all our procedures and processes and I have no doubt helped us gain these accreditations. Our view over information is now so simple. We can access tasks, approvals, business data from any web enabled device. We can simply send information out to our employees via the dashboard SMS manager and our employees can access their rosters / policies and procedures from their phones. Our customers can even access their required “live data” by simply accessing their own dashboard. It really is a revolutionary system for MSI.

Our relationship with Cypher IQ continues to grow. We recently implemented an online recruitment and employee onboarding process. The system does all the heavy load of the work tasks. The system manages the process from Application through to interview and onboarding. For such a complicated process the Cypher IQ team delivered the solution from concept through to implementation very quickly. In the space of a couple of weeks Cypher IQ had worked out our needs, refined the install and provided us with training.

The Cypher IQ platform has also enabled us to recently be nominated as finalists of both the Hunter Safety Awards and NSW Safety Awards. These are great accomplishments for Mainstream Industries as it demonstrates our continued focus on improvement as well as Safety.