Automated Incident Reporting for Construction Sites.

Automated Incident Reporting for Construction Sites.

Why Automation is essential for your Construction Site.

Automated Incident Reporting contributes to creating a safer and more efficient work environment. Allowing for immediate notification of safety issues. This quick response is essential for addressing hazards promptly and reducing the severity of potential injuries.

Understand some benefits of Automated Workflows in decreasing workplace incidents.

  • Accurate and Consistent Data – Capturing incident data in a standardised and consistent manner ensures accuracy in the details of each incident. Consistent Data is crucial for effective analysis, allowing for informed decision making and preventative measures.
  • Efficient Communication – Having seamless communication between employees, supervisors and safety personnel ensures all relevant parties are informed promptly. Reducing the risk of misunderstandings and delays in responding to, and mitigating safety concerns.
  • Compliance with Regulations – Automated Incident Reporting systems contribute to compliance with safety regulations and standards by ensuring legal requirements are met and on time. Avoiding any legal issues, fines and maintaining a positive reputation.
  • Proactive Risk Management – Automated Incident Reporting supports proactive risk management by easily identifying trends and patterns in incident data. Allowing businesses to implement preventative measures. Contributing to project efficiency by preventing disruptions caused by recurring incidents.
  • Task Assignment and Accountability – Automatically assign corrective actions to responsible individuals, ensuring accountability for addressing safety concerns. Clearly defined responsibilities and deadlines streamline the process of addressing safety concerns, reducing the risk of oversights.

What type of Incident Reporting can I automate for my Construction business?

  • Near miss report
  • Hazard Report
  • Security Report
  • Fire Incident
  • Injury and lost time incident

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Automation Case Study

Cypher IQ Digital has transformed a myriad of businesses with automated Incident Reporting. Check out a case study to see how we have helped a business like yours!



FAQ’s on Automating your Incident Reports?

How long does it take to integrate into our system? – Depends on the complexity of the solution and your requirements for training. We have had customised solutions released within a matter of days. The Cypher IQ Digital Platform is very flexible to configure and implement.

Can Cypher IQ Digital’s Incident Reporting be accessible on mobile devices? – Yes it is available on any Web Enabled Device.